“We constantly deliver the best results for our customers, thats why they keep coming back.

Although property management is no easy task, we like to make it at least a bit more efficient. Whether renovation or remodel, every painting contractor should, but few do. Commercial property owners and managers across Summit and Eagle counties depend on us to be their extra set of hands. We can make the nitty-gritty look downright pretty when sprucing up office interiors or multi-family exteriors.

The added attention we train our men to give to hotels, high-rises, complexes, industrial facilities, and other commercial buildings also helps to protect that property investment. Our choice of high standard paints, finishes, stains, and coatings, also helps to prevent damage due to attrition and elements. (“Believe me, we know weather!”)

We’ve also got your back for complete customer care when it comes to site supervision, resident-friendly project management, safety, touch-up and repair, fireproofing, and long-term warranties. We train our crews to the latest OSHA requirements and outfit them with state-of- the-art equipment, Genie boom lifts, and stages. In fact, our men move up, down, sideways, inside, outside, and all around for any scope project, including: university and government buildings, parking garages, hospitals and medical offices, recreational facilities, retail outlets and mall storefronts, religious centers, sports arenas, entertainment districts, movie and stage theaters, mixed use residential, designated architectural landmarks, and …well …everything else!

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