“We know our way around, because most of management and lots of crew 
actually grew up on job sites.”

Our men know multi-unit residential construction from the ground up, like the back of their hand— and, how to coat it. Plus, we punch out our part per the general’s timetable. All the developers and GCs we work with know how much their customers love the sight and smell of a freshly painted residence or facility. We’re the lucky ones on the site, because—as soon as folks see the structure and hues—we get a lot of the credit for all the unseen endeavors by the various subcontractors. So, we do our best to live up to—and to show off—everyone else’s hard work.

Summit Color also prides itself in what you don’t see—like all the tedious prep work that goes into sheet, wood, stucco, concrete, and other surfaces. Thoroughness makes a quality paint job last longer. So, we fill the cracks, caulk the joints, prime the spots, and inhibit mildew to deliver the best color retention and excellent adhesion.

Plus, we think our paint crew looks pretty tip-top, too, in their clean, professional uniforms. Although meticulous, they also get the job done on time (and know how to clean up any mess afterwards). Because we trust their skill, we’re confident in fully bonding them and insuring our projects.

Ron is also just a phone call away if he’s ever needed on site—where he may turn up unannounced to check on the timetable and quality of work.