“Our color painting service for Homeowners Associations covers large multi-unit housing,
huge apartment complexes, vacation timeshares, luxury condos, and more …literally.”

Experience shows that our work will both enhance and protect HOA property value. Our hands-on owner Ron knows how to work with boards, owners and their managers to deliver their desires and to manage the whole process. And, he really cares about keeping the current residents happy during renovation.

From over 20 years’ experience with homeowners and associations…

  • We provide one-shop painting.
  • We prep, caulk, touch-up and repair.
  • We colorize and design.
  • We coordinate tenants.
  • We coat all surface types.
  • We estimate without charge.
  • We insure your job site/project.
  • We warranty work long-term.
  • We finish up on time, and get out of your hair.
  • …and we pick up after ourselves.

Ron’s teams know how to handle everything from computer color matches and sealants to complex interiors and difficult exteriors. In the end, the beauty we execute not only enriches the investment, but also prevents structural damage from climate and Colorado’s punishing sun. And, it preserves easy maintenance against wear-and- tear. Ron likes to joke, “We’ve got you covered.”