What We Do

“Absolutely everything…and lightning fast. We also kill it at follow-through and follow- up.”


Although property management is no easy task, we like to make it at least a bit more efficient. Whether renovation or remodel, every painting contractor should, but few do. Commercial property owners and managers across Summit and Eagle counties depend on us to be their extra set of hands. We can make..

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Our men know multi-unit residential construction from the ground up, like the back of their hand and, how to coat it. Plus, we punch out our part per the general’s timetable. All the developers and GCs we work with know how much their customers love the sight and smell of a freshly painted residence or facility.

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Experience shows that our work will both enhance and protect HOA property value. Our hands-on owner Ron knows how to work with boards, owners and their managers to deliver their desires and to manage the whole process. And, he really cares about keeping the current residents happy during renovation.

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